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Pastor Graeme Kirkwood and Global Church Solutions provide exactly that.
Since 1988 he and his team have worked with over 700 Churches and missions organisation across
15 difference countries and most spectrums of the Christian faith.

Focussing on the need for good Church governance and management, financial and accounting remodelling , cash flow forecasting for major projects, and Church operations, the team at Global Church Solutions have become the “go to agency” for boutique and tailored response especially across Oceania and Asia. “

Over the past several years he has had the privilege to provide multiple Churches within input on project management, financial modelling and controls, lending options and facility development throughout their construction phase in South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Pastor Graeme Kirkwood is based in Sydney Australia, a registered Chartered Accountant and an ordained Minister who has been
involved in Church Leadership and governance for over 30 years
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Graeme and Lurleen Kirkwood reside in Sydney Australia and have been married 43 years. Lurleen has her own passions and vocation, and has a successful Interior Design and Decoration business that consults with residential, commercial and churches. A graduate from the innovative Sydney Design School, she has clients across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Over the past twenty years has provided design and decoration services to a number of Churches.
Find out more at https://iforstyle.com.au/projects/commercialhospitalitychurches

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