Welcome to Global Church Solutions

Thank you for visiting our web site. In 1992 God revealed to me my mandate in life. Global Church Solutions is the organisation established as a result to that revelation.

It is my passion and mandate to see the local Church equipped, resourced and secure as it grows towards all God has in plan for it. To see today's Church irrespective of size or affiliation secure in it's structure management and finances that it will be able to accommodate Gods blessing.

Graeme Kirkwood
I will cause to arise from amongst you those who
will rebuild the ancient ruins
raise up the age old foundations,
be called the Repairer of the walls
the Restorer of streets with dwellings
(Isaiah 58 vs 12)

Lurleen Lurleen Kirkwood
Lurleen Kirkwood is a Director of Global Church Solutions and I for Style which specialises in Church and Manse colour, styling and decoration. Ranging from colours, auditorium seating, office furniture and floor coverings through to lighting and surface finishes. Take time to review her website that shows some of the work she has completed.



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